The Hopewell Heritage Foundation, Inc.
The Hopewell Heritage Foundation, Inc.
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Hopewell Heritage Foundation, Inc.

5801 NW 178th

Edmond, OK 73012







Rising above the red dirt prairie


Time and the elements were not kind to what was once the most unusual church in America, her destiny uncertain.



But community minded partners created a plan to repurpose this historic space into an exciting local event center. 



With Phase 1 near completion, the architectural redesign initiates Phase 2, thanks to a strong board and alliances.


It's the "Year of the TP!"

The Hopewell Heritage Foundation, Inc. was formed in February 2003 to preserve every resource over which God has given for its stewardship, including a specific goal to rehabilitate the building formerly known as Hopewell Baptist Church--fondly known as the "Tepee Church". As one of renowned architect Bruce Goff's formidable designs, this structure is deeply rooted in the history of central Oklahoma. The Tepee is a symbol of lives blended in community, first in the red man and then the settler, in those who design and those who build, in harvesters of what lies on top of the prairie, and that which lies beneath it...things past, things future, within our state and beyond.

The Foundation's vision is to historically rehabilitate Goff's sentinel on the prairie as a continuing gift to Oklahoma and others, honoring the legacy of sweat and grit that built Hopewell Baptist Church and the unique architectural design of Bruce Goff.

A team of professional alliances supports the aim of the Foundation to rehabilitate this building as:
• A distinct icon of Oklahoma history;
• An artistic witness to architectural innovation and imagination;
• A backdrop to family memories built on Divine inspiration, dedication and hard work; and
• An exciting future venue of re-adaptive space for public access.

The Foundation's vision for re-adaptive use of this facility will not only showcase Oklahoma history and architecture, but provide a significant space for community programming in the arts, education, business and training, public celebrations and charitable events.

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