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Hopewell Heritage Foundation, Inc.

5801 NW 178th

Edmond, OK 73012


Phone: 405.715.1810



WELCOME to The Hopewell Heritage Foundation website. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AS WE UPDATE THIS SITE. Watch for exciting information about our campaign "The Year of the TP"!

MISSION:  Our mission is to preserve every resource over which God has given us stewardship.


GOAL:  Our goal is to rehabilitate the Hopewell Baptist Church Building, a landmark on the Oklahoma landscape.  As the farmland and oil fields surrounding Oklahoma City have been swallowed up by urban sprawl, the importance of heritage has come to the forefront, emphasizing those things of which Oklahoma is  most proud -- God our Father, our Native American roots, our unique red lands, our oil and gas resources and our commitment to the work ethic.


VISION:  In restoring this historical building, this landmark, our vision is to see it become a place of community, a significant "root", married to the red land, the farm land, the oil fields and the pioneers of this great State and City.